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Bluefin Forecasting

Predict Supplies, Accurately.

Bluefin Forecasting enables the most accurate supply forecasting in the industry thanks to its integration with Bluefin RTSM.

Forecast IP and Drug Supply

Using parameters such as enrollment rates and dates, instantly calculate study drug demand, shipping, and manufacturing dates.

Agile, Collaborative Scenarios

Quickly forecast supply needs for your study using our AI-driven study builder. Test multiple scenarios: “what happens if we increase enrollment from X to Y?”

Automatic Actuals

Automatically populate live actuals from Bluefin RTSM as your study progresses. Narrow your future uncertainty bands without having to manually import or stitch together datasets.

Global Abstractions

Allows you to forecast at the site, country, or study level. Choose to set up sites individually or handle them in regional groups. Kit materials or opt to forecast them individually.

Bluefin RTSM

Fastest, Most Agile RTSM on the Market.

Today's randomization & trial supply management systems (RTSMs) must be more than just accurate, reliable, and secure. Bluefin RTSM was created for today's adaptive and fast-moving studies.

AI-Powered, No-Code Study Builds

Build studies in minutes, not weeks, using Bluefin's no-code configuration tool. Get started quickly by simply uploading a protocol and let Bluefin take care of the initial configuration for you.

Amendments in Minutes

Studies move quickly and amendments need to happen fast. Amend your protocols with minimal downtime. Get approvals from sites and consent from participants. Bluefin maintains a full audit trail across all protocol versions. And with no expensive change orders, ever.

End-to-End Custody Tracking

Track item histories from inception through end-of-study and destruction. Inventory, shipment, cold chain, dispensing, and accountability - full visibility without blind spots.

Studies, Big or Small

Simple enough for Phase I studies yet powerful enough for global, Phase III pivotal trials. Whether you need complex orchestration or just want to digitize participant randomization, investigational product and accountability logs, Bluefin is the ideal choice.

Bluefin Platform

One Platform. No Fragmentation.

Our experience building software for the largest Enterprise companies inspired Bluefin's capabilities and architecture. Bluefin's products work together seamlessly, with instant data synchronization and a single sign-on.

Cloud Security and Compliance

Bluefin uses modern SaaS best practices, such as continuous integration and deployment, to keep your company's data secure. And using Bluefin will help your studies comply with 21 CFR Part 11 by logging all user actions with compliant electronic signatures.

Reporting and Visualization

Bluefin’s reporting engine allows users to generate their own reports using any data they have permission to access. Pivot, graph, save, and export data as you please. Pin your reports to your dashboard for quick reference.

Complete, Documented API

We believe you, not us, own your data. That’s why our API is complete and documented - allowing you to push data into our system, or pull it out. Integrate with anybody. In fact, Bluefin’s user interface is built using our own API, so we know it works.

Built for modern trial designs

Bluefin's real-time visibility and automation make it the ideal choice for clinical trial management.

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Personalized Medicine
Precision Medicine
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Allogeneic Therapies
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Decentralized Trials
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